Week 5 – I love a good read

Inquiry: Find a social media site aligned with my interests

My biggest interest besides travel is reading. I am a bookaholic and own over 500 books (and counting).

One of the most popular social networking sites for anything to do with books is Goodreads.

Goodreads is a giant library which allows authors to create book profiles of their work, which readers can then leave reviews on.

It also allows people to create personalised reading lists and interact with other authors and readers.

For example, users can create or participate in discussion blogs and polls.

I already use Goodreads personally for chatting with other readers and keeping up-to-date on the latest releases in my favourite genres.

As a journalist, it would be important for me to know how to use social media platforms such as Goodreads, because social media is an important functional and strategic tool for all professional communicators.

For example, I could use Goodreads to get primary source material, such as photos and videos, of a book-related event I was reporting on, such as the Sydney Author Event.


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Editing Note: ‘Register’ (including the quotation marks) was removed from the third paragraph of this post and replaced with create following Brian’s below feedback.


4 thoughts on “Week 5 – I love a good read

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  1. Always interested in a fellow readers views and good reads is a good place to do that.
    Does the author actually register? The word ‘register’ is in inverted commas. Were they for a direct quote or as scare quotes? Quotes can be deceiving and scare quotes even more so as they often insinuate another meaning.
    I enjoyed your blogs and will be following from now on. Feel free to critique any of my blogs as I welcome feedback.

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    1. Hi Brian,

      Good point! The author doesn’t actually register. They create a user account just like everyone and can then create their book profiles.

      I will go back and edit this sentence to make the meaning clearer.

      Thanks for your feedback :). I’m following you now also.


  2. Hi Taylor

    I enjoyed reading your inquiry about the social media application, Goodreads. I love this online social media application because I have not got time to join a book club or have the time to meet up with people.

    I was fortunate enough to have an author respond to a question I had about one of the characters in her book.

    I agree that Goodreads would be a good tool for media writers wanting to interview an author and find out more information about the creation of the characters, setting and plot.

    Writing book reviews would be made easier by engaging with the user comments surround a particular book.

    I enjoyed reading this article and found your explanations thoughtful.

    Roshea 🙂

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