Week 10 – And in headlines today…

Practical B: Headline

This week’s second practical activity required me to revisit my week eight media release and write three alternative headlines for it.

Our week 10 study guide said that news headlines must:

  • Be accurate
  • Summarise the content of the article
  • Include the subject, verb and object.

Alternative 1: Two people critical after FakeComicCon fight

This headline is a little informal but still accurate as it describes the fallout of the incident.

Alternative 2: FakeComicCon investigates security breach

This headline summarises the overall content of the article while remaining formal.

Alternative 3: Unruly cosplayers cause incident at FakeComicCon

This headline follows the desired subject, verb, object format and is designed to entice readers into viewing the release.


Ames, K 2016, Module 10: Supporting the story: Packaging and supplementing your writing, course notes, COMM11007: Media Writing, CQUniversity e-courses, http://moodle.cqu.edu.au

Bigstock-Newspaper-Headline-Extra-Extra-23351879 2016, digital image, Martha Giffen, viewed 24 September 2016, http://marthagiffen.com/truth-outrageous-headlines/


3 thoughts on “Week 10 – And in headlines today…

Add yours

  1. I really enjoyed your titles Taylor, and you have given really good explanations as to why you would use those them. I know you have given feedback on each which shows which one you would recommend, but to be honest, I do not know which one I would chose to use. I have found them to all be good titles which all get the point across.

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  2. Hi Taylor

    Practical – Headline

    I like how you have used criteria based on the study notes to critique the three alternative headlines for the Media Release.

    It would have been beneficial to analyse the alternative headlines based on the different styles presented by Smith (2017). For example, feature headlines, blog or web headlines and clickbait headlines.

    Otherwise, you have thoughtfully considered the effectiveness of alternative headlines based on accuracy which is an ethical aspect of media writing. The headlines certainly summarise the key aspects of the incident and are structured succinctly to include a subject, verb and object.

    Fantastic work.


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