Week 1 – Different purpose, different writing

Inquiry: Review and compare the way the same story is presented in different ways For a media practitioner to write effectively, they must know their audience. The authors of the two articles I was asked to compare this week definitely knew their audiences. Each article is written with a different level of formality to keep... Continue Reading →


Week 1 – Quiz reflection

I was very happy that I got seven out of eight for my first quiz of the course. However, I was quite surprised that the question I got wrong was about quotes. I'd always thought that I had a good grasp on those. I will have to make sure that I pay closer attention to... Continue Reading →

Week 1 – Blog life

Practical: Register my blog and introduce myself Well, this is my very first post on my very first blog. How exciting! I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Taylor and I'm from a small mining town in Central Queensland. I work part time as a regulatory officer in local government. This can be... Continue Reading →


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