Week 11 – Quiz reflection

I was on holidays this week, so I only quickly skimmed over the textbook reading (Hicks 2013, pp. 99-107). I did not pay much attention to the chapter, so I did not feel very confident about this week's quiz. You can imagine my surprise at getting 100% on my first attempt: Some of the information... Continue Reading →


Week 11 – Put my skills to the test

Practical: Rewrite Courier-Mail article This week, I was asked to rewrite a Courier-Mail article using the skills I have developed over the past 10 weeks. These skills include: KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) Eliminate unncessary words and phrases Make sure subjects and verbs agree Write naturally (Whitaker, Ramsey & Smith 2012, pp. 82 &... Continue Reading →

Week 11 – A problem article

Inquiry: Read and review a Courier-Mail article This week, we have been asked to review a Courier-Mail article and identify its problems, according to the journalistic guidelines we have been taught this term. I am surprised at just how poorly written the article is. Its┬áproblems include: The headline is too long, and it is boring... Continue Reading →


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