Creative Documentary and the Rise of Narcissism

Australian chef Pete Evans is the latest filmmaker to be criticised for making “dangerous claims” in his creative documentary, The Magic Pill. In the film, Evans claims that the paleo diet can successfully treat conditions such as autism and cancer (“Controversial chef’s documentary”, 2017). However, Dr Michael Gannon, president of the Australian Medical Association,... Continue Reading →


Social Media and Ethical Uncertainty The recent passing of British infant Charlie Gard has raised a number of issues concerning biomedical ethics in the social media age. Primarily, the situation has highlighted the complexities of medical professionals maintaining confidentiality in today’s “court of public opinion” (Wilkinson, 2017). Heath News Review (Joyce, 2017) recently published an article which states that... Continue Reading →

Film and Sexism

Women in the film industry continue to experience sexism through gender pay gaps and lack of recognition and reward, recent discussions have shown. Whilst gender inequality and sexism in the entertainment industry are generally considered invisible in today’s post-feminist context, it is evident that these archaic attitudes still exist. Recently, Sky News ("Hollywood spits women... Continue Reading →

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