Week 12 – An unexpected journey

Inquiry: Reflect on your learning journey What can I say? This term has been long, exhausting, fun, challenging, long and exhausting (did I say long and exhausting?). When I started this term, I was at the point of burning out. I had been flogging myself for almost three years with my History major. Almost three years of... Continue Reading →


Week 11 – A problem article

Inquiry: Read and review a Courier-Mail article This week, we have been asked to review a Courier-Mail article and identify its problems, according to the journalistic guidelines we have been taught this term. I am surprised at just how poorly written the article is. Its problems include: The headline is too long, and it is boring... Continue Reading →

Week 9 – Crocodiles? Oh my!

Inquiry: Review a newsletter For this week's inquiry activity, I had to visit IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group's (CSG) website and review one of their newsletters. At first, all I could think was... Crocodiles? No thanks. Too scary. However, as I read their newsletter, I found myself more and more intrigued. Who knew there was so many positives... Continue Reading →

Week 7 – Different strokes

Inquiry: Review Chapter 11 of your Media Writing text This week, we had to review chapter 11 of our Media Writing textbook (Whitaker, Ramsey & Smith 2016, pp. 229-246) and summarise its key points. We also had to outline the key differences between writing for broadcast media and writing for print-based media. I already had some knowledge... Continue Reading →

Week 5 – I love a good read

Inquiry: Find a social media site aligned with my interests My biggest interest besides travel is reading. I am a bookaholic and own over 500 books (and counting). One of the most popular social networking sites for anything to do with books is Goodreads. Goodreads is a giant library which allows authors to create book profiles of... Continue Reading →

Week 3 – I spy with my little eye

Inquiry: Reflect on a short media story An article that caught my attention this week was about a Cannonvale man who was fined for driving without due care and attention. The story's lead sentence isn't as strong as it could be because it contains only three of the five Ws and no H (Whitaker, Ramsey & Smith 2012,... Continue Reading →

Week 2 – Pikachu, I choose you!

Inquiry: Review top Twitter trends One of the top Twitter trends for Brisbane, Australia this week was the new mobile app, Pokémon Go. This did not surprise me because the app has been released very recently, so it is still considered timely, and something that is happening right now (Whitaker, Ramsey & Smith 2012, p. 20). What did... Continue Reading →


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