Week 10 – And in headlines today…

Practical B: Headline This week's second practical activity required me to revisit my week eight media release and write three alternative headlines for it. Our week 10 study guide said that news headlines must: Be accurate Summarise the content of the article Include the subject, verb and object. Alternative 1: Two people critical after FakeComicCon fight... Continue Reading →


Week 10 – Quiz reflection

Well, I started this week's quiz feeling quite confident that I was going to get 100% like I did last week. How wrong I was. Question five really stumped me: I spent a good few minutes staring at the question, thinking surely it was a trick. I thought options C and D were both incorrect. I... Continue Reading →

Week 10 – Two Aussies in Dublin [photo essay]

Practical A: Photo Essay For our first practical activity this week, we were required to put together a photo essay with detailed captions. Photo captions are an important aspect of the mediasphere. They provide a viewer with context and background information that they can't see for themselves. Armed with this knowledge, I sat down to... Continue Reading →



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