Week 4 – Write a film review

Workbook Activity 3: Write a film review of either In a World (2013) or The King’s Speech with the future voice-over artist in mind.  The film I chose to review for this week’s activity was The King’s Speech (Canning, Sherman, & Unwin, 2010). Although the movie is largely fictitious, it is based on the true story... Continue Reading →


Week 4 – Reflect upon your new recording

Workbook Activity 2: Write a short reflection on the differences between your old recording and your new recording.  Upon reflecting on my new recording (Battersby, 2018) of the news script (Ames, 2018) we were given in Week 1, I noticed quite a number of differences. The major difference was my voice itself: it no longer... Continue Reading →

Week 4 – Love makes the world go ’round

Practical: Interview two people about their most important things Whitaker, Ramsey and Smith (2012, p. 187) say that '[w]hen journalists write news stories, much of what they write is based on their interviews'. The challenge for journalists is to take the information they learn during interviews, and weave it into a structured story (Whitaker, Ramsey... Continue Reading →

Week 4 – Quiz reflection

This week wasn't great for me because I got my worst result yet on a quiz, six out of ten. The further I get into this course, the more I believe what Kate wrote in our first week about unlearning everything I know about writing. I was quite disappointed in my result. I think that... Continue Reading →

Week 4 – Practice makes perfect

Last week, our study guide included a transcript about an exhibition at Cairns Art Gallery. As an extra activity this week, I rewrote this transcript using the established pattern of writing outlined in our study guide. This pattern is: Indirect quote Direct quote Direct quote Indirect quote/paraphrase Direct quote Direct quote Indirect quote/paraphrase. Here is... Continue Reading →


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