Week 6 – Quiz reflection

Unfortunately, I only got 90% on my first attempt at the quiz this week. When I checked what question I had gotten wrong, I was confused because the answer was not the one I knew I had selected. I think this is because I used my down arrow key to scroll through the quiz instead of... Continue Reading →


Week 6 – Tell me a story

Practical B: Plan Storify assessment article I feel quite nervous about my impending Storify article. I’m still not quite convinced that I have what it takes to be interesting and engaging in my writing. I suppose that’s a worry that all journalists have had at some point in their careers though, so I’ll just have... Continue Reading →

Week 6 – Rehash take # 1

Practical A: Convert interview into Storify article After the difficulties I had last week with Storify, I was surprised at how easy it was to create a Storify article using my week 4 interviews. Storify's editing function is extremely user friendly as it created an individual text box for each paragraph I wrote. I could then delete... Continue Reading →



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