Week 9 – Reflection

Workbook Activity 4: Post a final submission post that is a reflective piece.  Okay, it’s time for some honesty. I have really struggled with this term. Really, truly. Not with understanding the course material per se – although, that has happened – but with the amount of time and level of critical thinking that Assignment... Continue Reading →


Week 9 – Deliver the script

Workbook Activity 2: Do a dry run of reading your draft audiovisual script. Record the reading and reflect on areas that need improvement.  https://soundcloud.com/taylor-battersby/dry-run-script   Of all the recordings I have done this term, I found this recording (Battersby, 2018) the most difficult. This is because I tried to switch back and forth between my... Continue Reading →

Week 9 – Draft script

Workbook Activity 1: Draft one page of an audiovisual script associated with your final assignment. VISION AUDIO XLS: Vision of mine workers in high-vis uniform walking off plane and onto tarmac at Moranbah Airport. Reducing the impacts of FIFO workforces on mining communities will be the focus for new State MP Eileen Isaac during her first... Continue Reading →

Week 9 – Quiz reflection

I felt a little overwhelmed when I read this week's English for Journalists' chapter (Hicks 2013, pp. 73-92). A lot of the mistakes mentioned in the text were ones that I knew I had made myself in the past, particularly those concerning commas. I was disheartened when I clicked on the button to take the quiz because I was... Continue Reading →

Week 9 – Crocodiles? Oh my!

Inquiry: Review a newsletter For this week's inquiry activity, I had to visit IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group's (CSG) website and review one of their newsletters. At first, all I could think was... Crocodiles? No thanks. Too scary. However, as I read their newsletter, I found myself more and more intrigued. Who knew there was so many positives... Continue Reading →


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